Navigating Medicare
Part D

Breaking Down Medicare Part D

Your Medicare Part D patients may be confused by the various cost-sharing arrangements that are part of the Part D benefit.

To help you and your patients better understand Medicare Part D coverage for Gilead medications, our Part D Coverage Tool lets you estimate the breakdown of what Medicare pays and what your patients' out-of-pocket costs may be.

The tool only shows costs related to your patients' Gilead prescription. Patients' out-of-pocket costs will vary based on other medicines that may be covered by their Medicare Part D benefit.

To estimate your patients' out-of-pocket costs, start by selecting one of the four coverage phases in the tool below and then proceed down step by step. Additionally, understand how the Standard 2018 Part D benefit works through the drug cost thresholds. Learn more about Medicare Part D rights at

Your patients may need financial assistance during some of these coverage phases to help with out-of-pocket expenses. Learn more about independent co-pay foundations that may be able to help.

Estimated 2018 Part D Benefit Design With and Without Assistance*

Actual costs may vary. Foundations are independent and assistance is not guaranteed.

Estimated 2018 Part D Out-of-Pocket Costs

This is a hypothetical patient situation whose total pharmaceutical costs are $2,600 a month. Note that by month 4 patient is in catastrophic coverage phase for the remainder of the calendar year.

* Last updated 10/17

The above information is subject to change.

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